Throughout The Universe Inside You are a series of experiments to explore the science behind the workings of your body. Some of these work best interactively…

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Thanks to TV show Brainiac, we can get a very dramatic demonstration of how custard changes shape under pressure.

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The lenses in your eyes suffer from chromatic aberration. the brain tries to edit this out, but sometimes the effect is too strong.

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Can't believe those squares are the same shade of grey? This animation simply moves square A to square B.

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The Crookes radiometer is a very neat scientific toy. The paddles inside the glass bulb move when the radiometer is exposed to light.

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Sound starts by compressing the air, squashing it up. This sends a series of 'longitudinal' waves of compressions and stretches through the air.

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We are used to optical illusions, but less familiar with auditory illusions - yet it is entirely possible to fool the brain about what it is hearing.

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By making use of quantum tunnelling, a signal can be sent faster than the speed of light, as demonstrated in this recording.

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Image courtesy Shannan Muskopf.
The idea of there being separate left and right brain functions can seem very artificial, but this experiment brings it to life.

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Memory and observation are essential to everyday existence - an when used to give evidence in court can make the difference between guilt and innocence.

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Image courtesy Gnsin
Is there such a thing as artificial intelligence? Could you definitely tell if it was a person or a computer that was replying to your short messages? Give it a try.
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